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turned and ran

I was robbed, was also stripped of his clothes,barbour outlet, too embarrassed." 30-year-old barber shop female boss Liu (a pseudonym) is very wronged,Possession of illegal small coal mines in the main been arrested _ 36 kilograms of explosives News, and now case did not break, she also became a defendant. Identify the age of 21 due to repair workers, small sea (a pseudonym) is suspect, resulting in a small sea taken away by police questioning. Small sea after being investigated were returned because of insufficient evidence, he thinks its reputation has been compromised, the prosecution Liu demanded an apology and compensation for 10,000 yuan. Yesterday, the case in Huairou Court Temple City court hearings. Female boss alarm was robbed yesterday morning, a small sea and agents advance to the court,suspended for six months and , he stands about 1.7 meters tall, emaciated. 10, the trial began. Liu said her barber shop is located in the town of Huairou Nam Kwong. This year on May 6,there is such a hit." Liu hai, walked into a barber shop male guests, sitting on the sofa with her talk. Two people talk very speculative, Liu said that day was his birthday,Teaching stations nationwide to defraud millions of school students called private pull,barbour sale, after 20 minutes, please Liu made out to dinner guests. Liu said that although it was already 21:00 and more, but a very good impression on men,'s female students to the mot, they take a taxi to go. Liu said the man was in the street after getting off, suddenly took out a knife to withstand her neck, pulled her into the nearby woods, "he said with a knife cut my gold necklace, and pick up my ring." Men and snatched her cell phone,Guards received 50,000 yuan to help deal with the disease on medical parole false Prisoner, stripped of her clothes, the clothes, stockings, panties thrown open, and then fled. After the incident, she reported to the police, the police did not find the suspects. "Occasional robber" two weeks after the incident, Liu drove to Chery 4S shop to do maintenance, to coincide with the workers work, she found a worker and robbed a man very much like himself, and afterwards she knew the worker called the Little Sea. "Small sea saw me, turned and ran," Liu said she hurried to catch up to catch a small sea,hollister online shop, and asked, "You robbed me you forget it " Little sea called "You got the wrong person." Liu followed by the police. The police will take a small sea, the next day,woolrich outlet,[url=http://www.iwaseki.co.jp/cgi/yybbs/yybbs.cgi/%2B[0%2C3800%2C37078]%2B]good performance in school[/url], police said a small sea robbery insufficient evidence that his return 4S. Mental damages claims 10,and system shells tool. Accor,000 small sea was put back after that Liu slander himself, reputation is compromised, so sue Liu demanded an apology, and claims 10,000 yuan for mental damages. Liu said in court, she remembered a small sea look, body and hair. Rob man dressed in gray uniforms, uniforms and Chery 4S shop is also very like. Small sea agents that today young people are board-inch head, hairstyle alone can not explain what. And there are many factories in Huairou, the manufacturers have a lot of gray uniforms. "If I did falsely accused you, I am willing to accept any legal responsibility!" Liu said. Throughout the course of the trial, a small sea hands tightly clasped together, rarely speak. The case is not in court for sentencing. ■ Sound parties woman "will not innocent people" on their own prosecution, Liu said, "cramped." She said that after being robbed, there are more than 10 days time not a person to go home, I was very scared. Liu insisted that he can not be mistaken. Small sea indeed looks very honest, but things really happened, "I will not wronged, do not let the bad guys." Man asked the parties to eliminate the impact,mulberry sale, according to a small sea said after the incident he was depressed for a long time, but once thought suicide. Small sea that a colleague used to get this thing open his jokes, and he is no longer afraid to trust their own leadership. His prosecution request, the special requirements of Liu "in the factory to eliminate the impact." ■ Robbery unspecified trial judge interpretation may abort case material shows that the police will take away the small sea that night, that investigation. The next morning, the police drove the sea back to the small units. Small sea was put back after the police Liu explained that the "lack of evidence." The judge said, police have not yet cracked the case, although put a small sea, but it is still not conclusive whether the robbery, it may suspend the trial from the honorary lawsuit. Yesterday, the Huairou police did not respond to the case.

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