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catchment Huangpi Cai Dian port village

's Court. Reporters learned yesterday, the village Party branch secretary of the village committee director and other four village officials were sentenced probation. Shek Wu (Shijiazhuang to Wuhan) catchment Huangpi Cai Dian port village,[/url], because the village railway construction part of the land to be expropriated,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich, the second half of 2008,louboutin pas cher, the construction side via satellite aerial area of ​​78.21 acres of the village decided to expropriate the land. In early 2009,detention for 6 months. And t, the government commissioned by Cai Township, the village committee director Liumou Wen, Liu Mouan village committee and village women's director of Finance is responsible for measuring the villagers Chen Mouqin expropriated land area. Four in the checking area, we found that aerial survey area than the actual compensation to the farmers of the area more out of 16.25 acres. Liumou Wen and Chen Mouqin for Liu Mouan that "people who engage in some tobacco money", and won They agree. Subsequently, the other three people Liumou Wen inform this village party secretary Zhang Mouqing also been agreed,hollister sale, four to discuss how to deal with the extra space. Liumou Wen made the extra 16 acres of land compensation by the four village officials embezzle. Zhangmou Qing said: "The figure must do the same,Man carrying firecrackers long car ride to Beijing detained _ News,barbour outlet, Mo made a few people passing,hollister, with the name of the village cadres and their families get out of the money making table." Liumou An immediately made table,3 people robbed college couple raped girls and nude _ News, they were their own family names false expropriation land area,after the incident, and then posing as a signature sharing this compensation, each led away 62,992 yuan. Report by the people,The court finds for the injured staff canteen killed _ News, Huangpi discipline inspection departments involved in the investigation. Last August 23,no more headaches, Liumou Wen and other 4 per capita initiative to withdraw from stolen money. Earlier this year,shall be mitigated punishment, four people surrendered to the district prosecutors are suspected of corruption and crime XingJu. [Court] court, after hearing village officials confirmed four suspects have constituted a crime of corruption. But in view of the defendant could surrender, and has been actively pay back all illegal income, their sentences and probation, Liumou Wen sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years; other three defendants were sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years.

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