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met some locals

the serious drug trafficking gang police tracked over a month." Yesterday, the City Public Security Bureau Narcotics Corps, responsible person. August 12, there are masses of anonymous reports to the police, saying Tongnanxian a man named Zhang allegedly colluded with others to transport drugs from Yunnan, Chongqing,doudoune moncler pas cher, trafficking, and the number is huge. Case material! Municipal Public Security Bureau Narcotics Corps immediately set up a task force to investigate. After careful investigation,louboutin,ABC 95599, the police task force found that Zhang Although Tongnan County, but long-term rental housing in the Yuzhong District Daping area. To find out the trajectory Zhang activities, the police carry out their whereabouts closely monitored 24 hours a day. Tracking found that Zhang was also in close contact with the other two men Xiamou and Jeong, three partner drug. In addition In addition, the drug gang members there are a brother Xiamou responsible for driving transport drugs. August 23, police task force learned that Zhang ready to purchase a number of drugs come from Yunnan, Chongqing. On the same day, police found that gang members Xiamou to the South Bank area a large logistics field,hollister online shop, informing his brother Xia Moumou and another member of the preparatory work to do with drug trafficking. August 25, police found Xiamou Di Di driving trucks filled with the goods in the logistics field to Yunnan direction. Combined with pre-investigation, the police analysis, Xiamou normal transport of goods to Yunnan, most likely in the back on the way the drugs shipped back to Chongqing. Police then flew to Yunnan, in the work with the assistance of local police. August 27 afternoon, the police found that the drug gangs in the border areas of Yunnan and loading ready to receive the drugs back to Chongqing. In order to completely destroy the large drug trafficking networks, the task force headquarters decided in Chongqing,'s life." July 26 morning,barbour sale, Yunnan two simultaneous arrests. Destroyed drug gangs August 28 at 12 am, a large border areas of Yunnan logistics yard,doudoune moncler, two 20-year-old man was busy loading goods, five plainclothes suddenly surrounded over. "Freeze, police!" Won the men were on the spot, the police seized a cargo of ice mixed in tablet 9503.3 g. The two men were arrested traffickers Xiamou big brother and another accomplice members. At the same time, stay in Chongqing police task force rushed to action, a district in the Yuzhong District Daping Zhang captured drug traffickers and seized a Walther pistol, bullets, 8 rounds, involving a car. On the same day, the police go Shapingba District, has captured members of the group Xiamou Tongliang, Jeong,banks are exceptional custome, Zhou, seized drug money 250,doudoune moncler pas cher,000 yuan, and the other two people involved Hwang,Man jailed for rape, indecent neighbors six and a half-year-old girl _ News, Lee heard the news escape. At 16:00 on September 3, Yubei Area with the hotel, the police arrested Hwang and Lee slip through escape from the room seized 1,124.6 grams of methamphetamine tablets, drug money 350,000 yuan and a sedan. So far,Woman is married her husband because of family chores cut 15 knife _ News, the Ministry of Public Security included in the Target case large gang drug trafficking case cracked 10 drug-related were all arrested,hollister france,Murder suspects returned fire burned his body onlookers at the scene (Figure) _ New, and seized drug money 600,000 yuan. Narco-crime police identified actually pull his brother, Zhang,doudoune moncler, Jeong and Xiamou is a key member of the drug gangs, the three co-financing drug trafficking. Police investigators attempt flourishes Xiamou Tongliang county located in selling a property worth $ 300,000 as drug money. See brother just graduated from college this year have not found work,mulberry outlet, Xiamou convince him to join the drug gangs to draw together involved in drug trafficking. Police,moncler outlet, Previously, Zhang lived for some time in Yunnan, met some locals, get through them easily from outside the drug. The drug gang members have a clear division of labor: Zhang is responsible for drugs from outside contact, and Jeong Xiamou contact the buyer is responsible to Chongqing,hollister outlet, Xiamou Di brother is responsible for the transportation. To deceive the public, to evade the police in combating the gang also specially bought a van about 9 meters, each brother drove by the Xiamou fruit or goods in the name of Elah to Yunnan, and then the drugs hidden in the shipment returned to Chongqing . Prevent the trafficking process suffered "Stealing from Thieves," Zhang Huan gang members from abroad spent nearly 30,000 yuan bought a Walther pistol for self-defense. Zhang arrested,Pipansihuan, the police found inside this pistol from the bag, when the bullets have been loaded. Police said the three key members of the gang raised a total of more than 100 million drug money, ready to accumulate some money through drug trafficking after a short career change. They are not only drug trafficking, but also drugs, usually relatively low-key life. Police reports, the arrest of Xiamou Di brother regret. He told police he had found his brother said, anyway, did not find college work together to expand the business with him,Telephone reminders traffic fines claim to be free discount points _ News, did not expect to be involved in drug trafficking. The results,nfl jerseys, to destroy his own future. Yesterday, Zhang, Xiamou other 10 members of the drug trafficking criminal detention by the police. This edition reporter Xu Qiyong

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